Who is the Crocodile Research Coalition?

A Load of Croc is based on the adventures, research and excitement of the Crocodile Research Coalition.  It’s a monthly blog that summarizes all the fun and excitement the team encountered the previous month prior in relation to crocodile conservation, management, and educational outreach.  So, WHO is the Crocodile Research Coalition you may ask?  

IMG_1926The Crocodile Research Coalition (CRC) is a Belize-based nonprofit that seeks to preserve crocodiles and their environments throughout Central America and the Caribbean to ensure the long-term sustainability of biodiversity in the region. We believe the success of our conservation efforts parallels the involvement and support from local communities, thus we are continuously working alongside with local communities and partner organizations to empower people with the knowledge of co-existence and sustainable practices to ensure the survival of crocodiles and well-being of the communities that live besides them. Our outreach also incorporates working with the local and national governments, utilizing our research to better inform policy decisions regarding wildlife and their habitat (= translational ecology).

Although crocodiles are our flagship species in pursuing regional conservation efforts,ranger training the CRC recognizes that the conservation success of crocodiles is not only dependent on direct conservation efforts of the focal species, but also understanding how crocodiles interact with its environment and other wildlife as thriving and long-lasting conservation management is dependent on preserving the integrity of ecological interactions.  Thus, through our research center in southern Belize, we facilitate research projects investigating crocodiles, as well as the surrounding flora and fauna.  

The CRC is currently accruing further funding to build a state-of-the-art research facility on the Placencia Peninsula, however we do have the space and lodging to accommodate interested researchers and small academic groups nationally and internationally who wish to pursue wildlife and conservation research.

Mission Statement

To promote conservation of crocodiles and their habitats throughout Central America through community involvement, research, and education.

For more information, head to our website:


Chiquibul Forest

Crocodylus acutus


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